Friday, 3 February 2012

Why Is Your Acne Treatment Not Working

You all of a sudden discovered you suffer from acne, spent a while to identify the most suitable acne treatment for your condition or maybe you spent too little, and then there you were, in front of the mirror, frenetically looking for a positive change, even the slightest one, yet without success. Are you wondering why is your acne medication not working?

Here is one obvious reason that may as well make you leave the mirror alone, full of shame: it is too early. No one denies the sufferance and frustration that this skin disorder causes, yet patience is one key feature that a patient should have in order to successfully overcome the problem. And no matter what promises were made to you together with the acne treatment you bought, miracles are not going to happen. Your pimples need at least a few days, even a week to start drying out and even this symptom alone is not necessarily a sign that your acne is cured.

Now if you have done some research on the field, you must have heard that sometimes even the most efficient medications will not bring the expected results to the people who use them, particularly because each one is unique and his or her condition has individual causes. Considering the lifestyle, the stress levels, the food habits, the skin type, the genetic predispositions and a few other factors, a certain product can make things worse, better or even make nothing to your acne.

If you have chosen the cure on your own, without getting your blood tested to identify potential hormonal imbalances or without being consulted by a professional, chances are you have made a wrong choice. You either have a good acne treatment for your problem, yet the concentration of active ingredient is not the right one, or you are actually treating the wrong cause.

Researchers all over the world constantly come up with new theories to explain the way that acne develops and potential healing strategies precisely because setting straight these things is not easy at all. Therefore, you thinking that you can make zits go away overnight is probably not the best judgment.

And if it is not the wrong medication, it can still be the wrong approach. Supposing you have a very oily skin and you have decided to stick with a benzoyl peroxide cream to dry acne breakouts. They seem better for a while, but then your nightmare starts all over again. It means that even though the excessive sebum was giving you pimples, you must be looking for what makes your skin generate too much oil. With other words, you may need more than a single acne treatment.

The final tip can most likely be applied to no matter what medication or approach in terms of acne, be it right or wrong. If you only rely on one product to do all the hard work for you, you cannot expect for your skin lesions to fade away. The battle you are starting is going to take a long time and require all sorts of strategies. An acne cream, a few antibiotics, tons of tea or complicated cosmetic procedures will not clear your body from the inside when individually taken and will not help you regain a certain balance of your overall body functions.

As acne is a condition reflecting serious internal problems, once that pimples burst on the skin is a little late to think that a cream or a cleanser will bring things back the way they were. So focus on both the acne treatment and the lifestyle changes that are now more necessary than ever.


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  6. Very true. Lifestyle may be one of the reasons. When it comes to serious acne, better contact a dermatologist.

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