Friday, 3 February 2012

Know Your Options In Terms Of Acne Treatments

Whenever you discover one or two pimples on your face, you are definitely tempted to pop them out, to use a concealer and lots of makeup to hide them or, if you have the time and the mood, to use some ingredients you normally have in the house, such as baking soda, toothpaste, lemon juice, honey, aloe Vera juice and who knows what else in order to put those annoying zits on hold.

However, if their number increases from one day to another, you will start thinking about a treatment. Most likely, at this stage, you will not feel like seeing not even your family doctor, not to mention a dermatologist, and some over the counter acne treatments to choose from are definitely more tempting.

On this chapter, there are the natural solutions and the synthetic medications that normally rely on a certain compound, called active ingredient. Depending on formulations and the concentration of synthetics, these medications have their efficiency, yet most of them are recommended for mild acne.

From this category you can experience acne treatments as gels, creams, ointments, cleansers, toners, teas, facial masks and so far. It obviously matter the type of acne breakouts you have – as you cannot use an astringent cleanser on a sensitive skin with lots of whiteheads – together with the body part that is affected and your skin type.

If you do not take into consideration the above mentioned aspects, you risk making your pimples worse, in which case seeing a specialist and receiving prescription acne treatments become mandatory.

At that point, your condition is moderate and over the counter medication is not effective. Chances are you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance or other internal acne cause that needs a different and more powerful approach. Topical creams with antibiotics, a higher concentration of active ingredients like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide or thousands milligrams of vitamin A can be prescribed individually or combined, depending on what the dermatologist considers.

If your condition experiences no improvements whatsoever, but on the contrary, pimples are bigger, more painful and deeper into the skin, looking like pustules or cysts, oral acne treatments are recommended. Severe acne, like your situation is, requires a combination of methods, including aggressive medication and major lifestyle changes in terms of diet, exercising, rest and stress reduction.

Now can you picture anything else more radical than what was already suggested to you? Because professionals can also subject you to comedone extractions, chemical peels, microdermabrasion procedures, phototherapy or corticosteroid injections.

Easy to guess, if you only have some blackheads and a few whiteheads from place to place, considering the last mentioned acne treatments would be an exaggeration. However, there are people who prefer to make no efforts of adopting a skin care routine and using certain maintenance skin products, going every now and then on a cosmetic cabinet to undergo a microdermabrasion or a laser therapy.

Whatever would be your situation, make no mistake about taking things one at a time. Pimples, even though they all became visible over night, did not formed under your epidermis in such a short time, and they will not go away that fast either. This is why you need to find a cause before drying the poor pimples. If you do not treat the cause, they will keep coming back on the surface of the skin, bigger and bigger, potentially leaving you scars. Know your options in terms of acne treatments and your life will become much easier.

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